The Florida Public Service Commission has unanimously approved our plan to fast-track fuel savings through a one-time, approximately 25% bill credit in May for residential customers, rather than the standard approach of spreading these savings over the remainder of the year. Business customers will also see a significant one-time bill credit. 

This credit will be reflected on your bill issued in May as part of your “total new charges”, with the exact amount of the credit populated within the bill message section of your bill. We’ve made it simple for you to identify where to find these details, depending on the type of bill you receive – see below.

Please select the way you receive your bill:

FPL Budget Billing® Customers: Remember, your Budget Billing bill amount is based on the average of your bills over the last 12 months, which evens out your energy usage throughout the year. So, you will receive your one-time fuel credit through your Budget Billing calculation over the next 12 months.

Is your bill higher this month?

COVID-19 has us all spending more time at home, and temperatures are starting to rise, so it’s no wonder we’re seeing higher bills. But there are simple changes you can make to how you use your energy – which will in turn help lower your bills.